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For almost 20 years, I’ve been providing city tours and guided tours in and around Stuttgart, first while driving a cab, then as a professionally-trained tour guide with a unique shuttle service. Managing my own company has allowed me to amass extensive customer service, cultivate people skills and has fine-tuned my knowledge about a brisk and charming region.

sightseeing stuttgart

Stuttgart, the cradle of the automobile industry is known to be Germany's High-Tech Hub. Most people infuse an industrial flair to its name. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch are thriving, maintaining this reputation and overshadowing anything else.

Promise you

However, I promise you, there is more, much more!

You might travel, look and compare endlessly without ever finding another German metropolitan area with our topography. A difference in altitude of more than 350 meters treats its citizens and visitors alike with breathtaking panoramic views from countless spots in and around the city. Choosing the most suited hills will allow us to peak into the secret gardens, into the nooks and crannies of this metropolis and will acquaint us with the physiognomy of an urban center nobody would expect.
Stuttgart represents a blend of Swabian royalty, early modernity, urban avant-garde and provincial pride. Since the 12th century, it continues to be the residence of counts and dukes and the Kings of Württemberg. Today, we are the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, two southern provinces that have been welded together after the war. You will get a glance into its rich and thrilling history, spiced with anecdotes and unique background knowledge and you will leave with more than just sightseeing impressions and photographic shots from ministries, consulates, squares and monuments.
Stuttgart counts 5 palaces and castles, 73 museums and galleries, one of the largest pedestrian zones of Germany with a shopping mall that easily fulfills the most daring desires, a Jugendstil market hall, figuring among the most splendid ones in Germany, and with it, countless booths and food stalls, being the flagship of our business ties and the symbol of our international and multicultural ambiance. The official statistics reflect this colorful picture: there are 103 languages actively spoken by 173 nationalities.
Quite often, there are add-ons to our long list of distinctions: In 2012, we were awarded the title "Capital of Culture". The Stuttgart Opera and the Stuttgart Ballet are spreading the name of our city all over the globe and several surveys on quality of life and personal safety rank our city among those with the highest standards worldwide. Moreover, Stuttgart retains 54% of the overall surface as green areas, thereof just 25% as forest but 1300 acres of vineyards!
Take your children to the city! We are proud to come up with the Wilhelma, the zoological and botanical garden, the Neckar Captain, with its fleet of tour boats on the Neckar River. And the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum will be a truly memorable experience for big and small.
Finally, for those interested in architecture, I am offering as well a tour through the world famous Weißenhofsiedlung (Weissenhof Estate), a prototype of future workers' housing, projected by Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and 14 architects from more than 5 European Countries. Never was there such a huge and unique joint project of renowned architects... actually, I fear I might be wrong, since I forgot to mention the State Gallery of James Sterling & Michael Wilford and associates… also located in Stuttgart. You see? I could fill pages with characteristic features of our urban jewel, however, I prefer to show them as opposite to writing about them…

You have the choice between

  • a Sightseeing Tour for the most interesting and inclusive historical walk
  • a Special Architecture Tour of the urban development, providing geological, topographical and climatic information
  • the Tour Stuttgart 21, one of the biggest conversion projects in Europe, with the main Station to be converted into an underground train station and connected to the European Fast Speed Link between Paris and Bratislava. Visit of the main station, the tower and the new Europe district
  • the Special Tour “back to the roots”, finding places where your ancestors lived!
  • the “Personalized Tour”: we work together on the tour you desire
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sightseeing stuttgart

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Sightseeing through the region

If you are as well interested in taking tours through the region, if far or near, it will be a pleasure to acquaint you with our overt and covert treasures and guide you through intriguing, at times thrilling facets of the south German cultural landscape. I do offer:

  • visits of famous cities and places like Heidelberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Palace Hohenzollern and Palace Neuschwanstein and more…
  • a Black Forest Tour with visit to Baden-Baden

My car is a comfortable 7-seater mini-van. Transfers from the nearby airports Zürich, Frankfurt and Munich can be arranged.

If you are interested, please fill out the contact form and send an email, or call me at one of the listed phone numbers. If I’m not available, please leave a message on my voice box. Don't forget to mention where you can be reached, either by phone, by Email or both.

I speak, understand and write German, English, French and Spanish

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